Interviewee: Mr. Dulith Herath
Interviewer: Mr. Majeed
Date of Interview: 19/12/2021

NM: Since’s inception in 2002, I am sure it’s been a long and hard journey to get to where you are now. For any company, going public is something drastic and I’m sure this must have been a very emotional journey for you. Let’s talk about why you decided to go public and some of the key objectives of this IPO.

Interviewee: Naresha Abeysekera
Interviewer: Dilusha Gamage
Date of Interview: 09/08/2021

IN: Good governance is vital to any organization, institution, business entity, or even the country at large. Colombo Stock Exchange is not that different. The SEC of Sri Lanka is the governing body and regulator for the CSE. It is very important to understand the perspective of the regulator to understand the dynamics of the market.

Interviewee: Manjula Perera
Interviewer: Dilusha Gamage
Date of Interview: 02/08/2021

IN: To start off the conversation, can we enlighten the viewers on your company WindForce PLC and some insight into who Manjula Perera is?


MP: WindForce started in the year 2010. Before that, I was working for one of the biggest private power producers in Sri Lanka. In 2006, 

Interviewee: Tushan Wickramasinghe
Interviewer: Dilusha Gamage
Date of Interview: 24/07/2021

Today, we have Mr. Tushan Wickramasinghe, the Managing Director of Capital Trust Securities with Market Insight.

IN: To start off the conversation, we heard that your stock broking firm is ranked number one in terms of turnover during the first quarter of the current financial year. Enlighten us on the owners of the Capital Trust Group and how it all began?

Interviewee: Imtiaz Buhardeen
Interviewer: Dilusha Gamage
Date of Interview: 08/05/2021

IN: Despite the unstable nature of the stock market, what made you get into investing?


IB: I had a liking towards the stock market since my younger days. In the 1980’s, I used to follow the foreign markets and since then I wanted to start investing. Then around 1985, I started investing and since then I have accumulated 35 years of experience in investing.