Established in 2021

by a young dynamic team intrigued by capital markets and being able to provide key insights.

In carrying out its primary function of investment promotion, Market Insight aims to get people face to face with leading business investors in Sri Lanka to reveal the secrets of their successfulness. We’re navigating through the stock market process in order to make it a feasible mode of investment to all.
Our market making, trading and placement efforts empower clients to access the investor base ensuring a successful execution of capital raising investments. Besides, Market Insights investment products are fully supplemented by unique insight, regional reach and leading research presence to help us reach our true and highest potential throughout the lifespan of this initiative.


Our mission is to create value for our clients and strive to be among the best financial advisors and investment services.
We are a highly talented workforce, committed to reliability and consistency, and maximizing every investment opportunity.


To be a company that inspires to invest and fulfills your curiosity.